Wrapping gifts in paper isn't a modern invention. There are records dating back to ancient times, where the Chinese court would wrap gifts for officials of the government in paper made from rice and bamboo.
Today, there's much more choice! Especially from the amazing independent designers with stores at Zazzle.
Started by the Hallmark brother-founders Rollie and Joyce, the modern approach to colourful and stylized gift-wrap was really established in the latter half of the 20th century.
Now with the internet and the joys of the online approach, this has moved on a stage further... all the wrapping paper (and other related Zazzle gear) you see featured on this blog is customizable and personalizable. You can add photos, text, monograms - you name it... !
So either see a design you like and buy it as is or customize and personalize it the way you want before adding it to your shopping cart.
And you can't be disappointed, Zazzle has a 100% satisfaction guarantee to all shoppers. So what are you waiting for? Start having a look to find the perfect gift wrap for your present to that wonderful person!

..and with it being the Christmas and Hanukkah (Jewish Festival of Lights) season I'll focus on those occasions for now...

Personalize and Customize

You can customize and personalize all the Zazzle wrapping paper and related products posted here.
Click the image of the product you like. If it's been designed with a monogram, name or message there'll usually be boxes where you can change them to say what you want.

Even if it hasn't got any, you can easily add the text you want by clicking the customize button you'll see. It's easy peasy ..and for most products you can change options for color / style / size to suit you with just a click!

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Cute Retro Santa Claus Personalized Gift Wrap Paper

A traditional winter season theme could make this gift wrap perfect for you. Click to personalize with a message or photo...

tagged with: cute, cartoon, happy holidays, christmas, personalized, for grandchild, for grandchildren, from grandparent, santa, xmaswrp, xmas, holiday, family, personalized christmas gift wrap, vintage, retro, old fashioned, candy cane, stockings, red, green, santa claus

This festive Christmas gift wrap features a cute vintage image of a cartoon Santa Claus dressed in red, green, and white, and holding a candy cane. The image is placed on a white background, with customizable text in red that says Happy Holidays! and your own personalization in green. Currently it says "from Grandma & Grandpa", but you may easily make it say whatever you'd like. Festive, unique, and colorful! Celebrate the Holidays the old fashioned way with this retro personalized paper. Kids will love it!

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